About us:

Boiling Point is a service company dedicated to all aspects of coffee equipment, operating Victoria-wide. We pride ourselves on our love of coffee machines from the inside out, and our technicians are educated in coffee from the bean to the bolt.

Our servicing ability

With over 90 years of collective experience in the industry, we can cater to all aspects of commercial machinery and grinders including:

  • Testing and commissioning
  • Installation and calibration
  • Fault finding and repair
  • Rapid repair & “break fix”
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance both minor and major
  • Individual coffee machine asset management & /or complete fleet asset management
  • Rental and service support programs
  • Refurbishment and customisation coffee machine services

Most of our work is completed onsite, but we also provide replacement machines on loan if work needs to be completed offsite in our workshop. If you’re opening a new place, we are always happy to speak to your sparky or plumber about machine requirements.

Boiling Point is committed to using manufacturer genuine parts and ensure all our technicians have been trained and accredited to the guidelines laid out by the manufacturer.

Our selling ability

Whether in the market for brand new or refurbished pieces, Boiling Point is committed to offering you the best advice on all coffee equipment, and to always sell you equipment which meets your needs, your circumstance and your desired result.

Boiling Point

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